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The internet has taken over our world! Whether you are a business or customer, almost all your day to day tasks have been taken over by the internet. Whether it is shopping, making an appointment with a doctor or registering for a class, everything is now available at your fingertips. What can be easier than ordering your products and services online, from the comfort of your own home or office and getting them delivered right to your door? It’s cheaper, convenient and time saving.

With the increasing number of customers who are online, using online services, your ecommerce business needs a way to tap into that potential without it being a burden on your budget.

This is where we come in, an Ecommerce SEO agency providing you with the best Ecommerce SEO services around!

Few of our successful SEO stories...

DSI Tyres - Online Store (


With our unique SEO approach we have been able to increase their organic traffic and sales by more than 300%.
In addition to SEO, we provide CRO & SEM services for this website.

Chefwear - Online Store (


Within only the first 3 months of our service we have been able to beat for more than 8 keywords
and get the first position on SERP in Google USA. We were also able to maintain a ROI of more than 400%
throughout the campaign through Google Ads, bringing exponential growth in sales and revenue figures.

Why you need us as your preferred Ecommerce SEO agency for all your Ecommerce SEO services?

  • Proven techniques
  • Unique approach for each project
  • Lastest SEO techniques such as Schema Markup, Local Pack Optimization,etc.
  • Transparent and detailed monthly reports
  • An in-house team of experts with an immense amount of experience
  • Technical capabilities

Few of Our Happy Clients


Our Ecommerce SEO process?

At IsharaShehan Consultancy we have the expertise and experience to provide you with the lowest cost, best Ecommerce SEO services and solutions for your Ecommerce business. Being a well experienced Ecommerce SEO Company, we have the right mix of skills, talents and know-how to ensure that you gain the best results from your SEO strategies

What is Our Ecommerce SEO services process includes

  • Discovery and Competitor Analysis
  • Ecommerce SEO Strategy Formulation
  • Apply On-Page SEO Techniques
  • Apply Off-Page SEO Techniques
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Analysis

Discovery and Competitor Analysis

The starting point of our Ecommerce SEO services and strategy is getting information. We will analyse your current website as well as carry out a competitor analysis in order to have the right idea of where you are and where you need to be to achieve your goals and increase sales.

This part of our Ecommerce SEO services will include,

  • Technical analysis of your website
  • Content review
  • Keyword research
  • Analysing your top 3 competitors
With the detailed information we gather during this initial phase, the experts of our Ecommerce SEO agency will come with the best and most successful Ecommerce SEO strategy for you

Ecommerce SEO Strategy Formulation

The well experienced strategists and SEO experts in our Ecommerce SEO company, will come up with a customised strategy to suit your business, whether you are a start-up or an established company. We will customise the ideal strategy to suit your specific business needs in order to help you achieve your goals, which is to gain more leads and conversions.

If you are just getting into the ecommerce industry, our Ecommerce SEO agency can help level the playing field for you, so you have the same marketing opportunities as your more seasoned and established competitors, and give you the edge you need to move ahead in the competition.

It doesn’t matter what stage of business growth you are in; we can help you grow even more with the best Ecommerce SEO services!

Apply On-Page SEO Techniques

When it comes to Ecommerce SEO, the subject of on-page SEO is an ever evolving one, with new techniques and tools being introduced on a regular basis. That is why you need us!

Our team is “in-the-know” when it comes to the latest and most up-to-date strategies and best practices in terms of Ecommerce SEO services. We will stand by your side throughout the campaign, consistently monitoring, updating and enhancing your website so that you have the highest level of visibility. As an experienced Ecommerce SEO company we will optimise your website content and on-page elements, making your site fast and mobile friendly, and ensure an optimal experience for your customers

Greater visibility and increased sales go hand in hand, which is why our strategies are designed to create greater brand awareness and visibility for your business.

Apply Off-Page SEO Techniques

How do we create greater visibility for your Ecommerce business? By getting you ranked in top positions on search engine results pages.!

For this, we don’t only use on-page SEO techniques, we also concentrate our efforts on off-page techniques such as local SEO and building high quality links

Our experts in Ecommerce SEO services understand that quality and not quantity is the key, hence the essence of our off-page techniques is building high quality links that create value for your business in terms of ranking, visibility and your target audience. We research for the best industry resources for link building, and together with compelling and informative content, create the best off-page SEO strategies for your ecommerce business.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analysis

As an Ecommerce business owner you need to know exactly what is happening with your marketing strategies and how successful each strategy or campaign is. This is your right, because after all, you are spending a portion of your budget on it.

Know how popular you are with your customers and how much interaction there is. The analytics experts in our Ecommerce SEO agency will provide you with comprehensive reports as part of our Ecommerce SEO services, so that you know exactly what you are getting from your SEO efforts

From keywords reporting to link building reporting to integrated analytics, your campaign will be transparent and you will have regularly updated statistics, helping you to make the right decisions at the right time.

As part of our Ecommerce SEO services, our monitoring and reporting will include:

  • E-Commerce Analytics
  • Keyword Rankings
  • Overall Traffic Vs. Organic Traffic
  • Conversions
  • Off-Page SEO Activities

Are you ready to take your Ecommerce business to the next level?

Contact us now for more information on how we can help you boost traffic and sales for your Ecommerce business with the best Ecommerce SEO services in Sri Lanka.


Mr.Dhanuka Sasanga

Assistant Marketing Manager - DSI Tyre

"We have found them to be the best when it comes to e-commerce and lead generation since they have worked on multiple websites under the DSI Group and even consulted for us for digital strategy formulation. We are very happy to work with IsharaShehan Consultancy."

Mr. Sarindu Isuranga Gamage

Managing Director, Dansheevo Holdings Pvt Ltd

"Ishara is very transparent, credible and highly knowledgeable regarding all things SEO, especially when it comes to ecommerce SEO services. He knows to benefit his clients and gain promising ROIs and results that speak for themselves. I would not want to work with anyone else! "

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