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Ishara Shehan Silva (MCIM, MBCS) - Founder of IsharaShehan Consultancy

Ishara Shehan Silva is an international SEO consultant and the founder of IsharaShehan Consultancy, an award-winning Data-Driven SEO Consultancy Firm, dealing with clients from diverse industries from around the globe.

Ishara has 10+ years of hands-on experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), mainly working with Australian and Sri Lankan clients, in addition to clients from USA and UK.

Why You Should Hire Ishara

  • 10+ years of hands on experience
  • Award winning international SEO consultant
  • More than 5+ years’ experience working with global clientele
  • Up to date with the latest SEO technologies, methodologies, news and announcements
  • Adheres to international level standards and work ethics
  • Provides taylormade SEO solutions to clients
  • Affordable SEO Consultant
  • With previous experience as a web developer, he is able to easily work with the developers using their jargon
  • Extensive experience dealing with clients from diverse industries and backgrounds from around the globe
  • Many years of experience as an ecommerce SEO consultant

SEO Skills

  • Manual SEO Audits
  • Technical SEO Audits
  • Specializing in E-Commerce SEO (Pagination, Faceted Navigation, Crawl budget optimization, etc)
  • Structured data audits and implementation
  • Specialized in Angular and React web apps SEO
  • Log file analysis
  • Experienced in using industry standard tools such as SEMRush, Screaming Frog, etc.
  • SEO Training
  • SEO Consultancy

Few of his successful SEO stories...

DSI Tyres - Corporate Website (


DSI Tyres has increased traffic by 591% and a number of leads by 1880% (Last 6 months Vs. first 6 months in 2020)

Chefwear - Online Store (


Within only the first 3 months of our service we have been able to beat for more than 8 keywords and get
the first position on SERP in Google USA. We were also able to maintain a ROI of more than 400% throughout the campaign
through Google Ads, bringing exponential growth in sales and revenue figures.

DSI Tyres - Online Store (


With our unique SEO approach we have been able to increase their organic traffic and sales by more than 300%.
In addition to SEO, we provide CRO & SEM services for this website.

Professional Life

  • 10+ years experience as an SEO Specialist and Digital Analyst
  • Won the award for “Best SEO/SEM Campaign for 2020 (Silver Award)” for DSI Tyres at the SLIM DIGIS 2.1 held in 2022
  • Currently working as the Director - SEO/SEM for Tekgeeks (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka
  • Currently working as the Head of SEO for Jigsaw Ensemble Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia
  • Corporate Trainer - Digital Marketing (Resource Person), Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM)
  • Currently working as an international SEO Consultant and helping business owners mainly in Australia and Sri Lanka to increase their ROI
  • Training SEO Specialists and company executives to become more efficient and generate/increase revenue by sharing my knowledge and experience with them
  • Initiated Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and web Analytics at Virtusa (Pvt) Ltd for the company’s official website
  • Initiated Digital Analytics and Marketing Automation at Newbound Group, Australia for for the Group’s ecommerce websites
  • Worked as a Digital Marketing Consultant for EFutures (Pvt) Ltd covering SEO/SEM

Professional Affiliations

Frequently asked questions

What type of experience do you have in International markets?
I am an international SEO consultant with 5+ years’ experience specializing in Australia, USA, UK and Sri Lankan markets. I understand how the main search engines like Google behave in those countries and what needs to be prioritized when providing a solution to a client. Hence, I am able to give a customized solution that suits each individual clients' needs.

Do you do white-label projects for agencies or other digital professionals?
Yes, I do work on white-label projects, where I will maintain full confidentiality and work as a consultant for those agencies. Currently I work with a few agencies in Australia and Singapore under white-label contracts.

Do you also work with clients that are based outside Sri Lanka and Australia?
Yes I do work with global clientele. However I do not work on projects targeting Baidu and Yandex. I speak and correspond fluently in English, therefore there is no limitation when it comes to working with clients from around the globe.

What type of businesses do you work with?
I prefer medium to large scale projects, since small sized companies / start ups usually do not have the required budgets to afford SEO services. However if you do have the budget, I will be happy to help you.

What types of SEO clients do you normally specialize in?
Mainly I prefer working with E-commerce sites and corporates. I love to work on e-commerce projects that challenge me. Because of my background in the corporate sector, I prefer to work on corporate lead generation websites too.

Ishara’s SEO journey

Before 2009, Ishara was a web developer and designer by profession. In 2009 one of his clients asked him to do SEO for their website and at that time he simply applied what he knew, and did the project free of charge. This was the turning point in his life and career. By 2011 he had done a few SEO projects and he started as a full time SEO specialist in a local corporation which offered him the chance to work on both international and local SEO projects. The corporation was into mobile app development, hospitality and food & beverage. Thanks to this corporation, he got a chance to explore SEO in international markets such as Singapore and the USA.

In mid of 2012, he was offered a job opportunity at Virtusa, a NASDAQ listed multinational company based in the USA. He joined the Global Marketing Team at Virtusa and was the person responsible for the company’s Corporate website’s SEO and Digital Analytics, where he learned about international SEO tactics and techniques. At Virtusa he got international exposure by working with teams in the USA, UK, Singapore and India. He was responsible for International SEO strategy formulation, SEO roadmap creation, working with the development team, working with the content writing team and also to conduct SEO training for relevant stakeholders on the Virtusa global marketing team. This is where he found that he had a skill to provide SEO training based on the feedback he got from both local and overseas participants.

DreamDay Invitations is an online store based in New South Wales, Australia. In 2015 Ishara got a chance to join the NewBound Group and work on their DreamDay online store. Within six months he became the “ Head of SEO & Analytics” within the group and was looking after a team of 5 staff members, since the group had a few other e-commerce sites as well.

In November 2016 Ishara gave up working in the corporate world and started as a freelance Digital Marketing Consultant and from there onwards he started to work with local and overseas clients providing SEO solutions, and soon became a much sought after international SEO consultant. Industry-wise, he is specialized in E-Commerce and works as an Ecommerce SEO Consultant. He is able to provide custom-made SEO solutions to these businesses. Working with many overseas clients, he has honed his skills to match international standards and strictly maintains the same standards and ethics throughout.

Ishara is also a well-recognized corporate trainer and works with the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM) using his vast experience and exposure in the industry to train company management and executives, as well as students studying in this field, the concepts of Digital Marketing. He has trained and consulted for over 30 brands, both locally and internationally, including top-notch companies in Sri Lanka such as Virtusa, Pyxle, EFutures, Vision Care Group, Prime Group etc, and is a partner in many recognized companies, both local and overseas, providing his expertise and experience in helping these companies reach their full potential.


Mr. Sarindu Isuranga Gamage

Managing Director, Dansheevo Holdings Pvt Ltd

"Ishara is very transparent, credible and highly knowledgeable regarding all things SEO, especially when it comes to ecommerce SEO services. He knows to benefit his clients and gain promising ROIs and results that speak for themselves. I would not want to work with anyone else! "

Mr. Duminda Meddegoda

Director, Jay Sea Food Processing

"Ishara and his team have supported in ensuring that traffic to the website has increased significantly, and we have received a lot of inquiries as a result of the SEO activities being carried out. We plan to continue with them to cement our place on the Search Engine."

Few Highlights...

Best SEO/SEM Campaign Award

Best SEO/SEM Campaign Award for DSI Tyres SEO Campaign at SLIM DIGIS 2.1

SLIM Brand Excellence 2013

Virtusa marketing team at SLIM Brand Excellence 2013

SEO Training at Virtusa

During the SEO Staff Training at Virtusa

Dailynews Article about SEO/SEM Award

Dailynews Article about SEO/SEM Award for DSI Tyres SEO Campaign

Digital Marketing Workshop for SME's

Awareness workshop for SME's

Telephone Consulting

SEO,Telephone consulting session for the Global Marketing team members based in Virtusa, India

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