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Are you interested in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Do you have a desire to learn about Google crawls, indexes, Sitemaps, content marketing?, Do you have an analytical mind and like to face challenges ?

If your answer is "Yes" to all above the questions, then this training is certainly for you.

Who Should Take This SEO Training Course?

  • Beginners in the field of SEO
  • UI/UX Engineers, Web Developers
  • Website or Business Owners
  • Other working adults who wish learn about Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

What are the methods of training?

  • Online training via Google Hangouts, Zoom or Skype
  • On-Site training ( at your own office)
  • Classroom training

What are the available training types ?

  • Individual Training
  • Group Training
  • Staff / Coporate Training

What are the outcomes and Skills You Will Learn?

  • Ability to conduct a detailed website audit (provide recommendations for corrective actions)
  • Ability to increase web presence by planning and executing a complete website optimization project
  • Ability to monitor/measure the website's success according to business objectives

What are the requirements to enrol for this SEO training?

  • A computer (Laptop or a Desktop)
  • Fast internet connection (ADSL or HSDPA Dongle)

What is the duration of this SEO training course?

15 hours

What is the medium of this SEO training?

English or Sinhala



Kavindra Ireshan
Online Marketing Analyst | EmarketingEye, Sri Lanka

" I would highly recommend his SEO training. He teaches according to our knowledge in a very simple manner. He got lot of practical knowledge about online marketing concepts and he shared that knowledge and experience without any hesitation during the training. The whole training was conducted online via Skype and it was a great experience. This training was basically helped me a lot. "

Lorraine Wickramasinghe
SEO / Web Developer | Freelancer, Dubai

" For me this course has been an absolute treasure, Since I was a beginner in the SEO field. Mr. Ishara is a great teacher. He is capable of teaching to the point by using practical scenarios. Even if you are at zero level in SEO , he will guide you to the correct path. I got to know about him by googling for "SEO training in Sri Lanka" and his website was on the top of search results. So it is the best way to measure his SEO skills.

We did the entire course through online, Actually I was afraid at the beginning that I will not able to understand properly. but due to Mr.Ishara's talent the medium was not an issue at all. And I must say he is a very decent lecture who is teaching in a very polite way. I wish him all the very best for his future. "

Malin Kodithuwakku
Consultant | Wondergulets Group , Italy

" Ishara is a person who has great capacity of knowledge about SEO. Truly proven qualified and knowledgeable person.

With regard to my job profile as a Consultant for Wondergulets group, the guidance given by Ishara is of immense importance. In order to handle my new project to optimise our company web site, the right knowledge I gathered through the SEO course conducted by Ishara was extremely useful. He understood what I required and his course structure is productive and beneficial. He is flexible on scheduling classes and he maintains a friendly environment during the program which enables us having a two way communication on the lessons to clarify all the doubts then and there.

We conducted this training course online via Skype. Initially I started this with a basic knowledge and this training took my knowledge to another level. I found him through a Google search and we are maintaining a good relationship since then.I highly recommend Ishara’s SEO course programme for anyone who seeks the best in order to enhance and widen their knowledge in that field. "

Chandika Gamage
Co-Founder | IDEAL SOFT, Sri Lanka

" First of all I must say if you are reading this, you’ve come to the right place to learn SEO. I get to know about Mr. Ishara from a search query which I typed in Google with the intention of SEO course in Sri Lanka. First result was his website. So I got impressed by Mr.Ishara’s web optimization skills and started to learn SEO from him.

Mr. Ishara is very talented on the subject and has a vast knowledge, plus experience on the matter. So simply Mr. Ishara is someone who knows what he is doing. He is in the field with an up-to-date knowledge.

The most convenient thing in this course is flexibility. He is capable of bringing your knowledge from zero to hero level no matter in which level you are. What he is teaching is ethical (White Hat SEO) and while he is teaching he shares lots of his own experiences. That’s a major advantage because you’ll be able to learn lot of tricks through those experiences. His methods are effective and you can see results through your own projects. Hence as a student of Mr.Ishara, I recommend him as a great mentor for SEO and wish him best of luck. "

Hemantha Ekanayake
CEO | Sri Lanka Hillcountry Tours, Sri Lanka

" Mr ishare shehan is our SEO advisor and it was a great and knowledgeable period during his lectures. I think who is interested to follow a SEO courses, Mr. Ishara Shehan is the best lecture for you. He always keen to share his knowledge. He thinks about the knowledge you get, than his charges.

I found him when searching online. Anyone can see his expertise, because his website is appearing on the first page of search result. Most importantly, Mr. Ishare is a very good gentlemen. "

Sandaruwan Silva
Co-Founder | TechnoPlus Automation, Sri Lanka

" I came across Ishara's website while Googling for a SEO class in Sri Lanka. There are many Web marketing companies and gurus in Sri Lanka, who can't optimize their own website properly and get to top of Google search results. Just Google "SEO class in Sri Lanka","SEO training courses Sri lanka","best SEO specialist sri lanka" and see the search results by yourself. You'll see Ishara's website/profile at the top (or at least in top 3 search results). That is the best recommendation I can give about his SEO skills.

He used very practical, customize examples for teaching, it helped me to understand things easily. I learned SEO & web analytics from him, hope to follow PPC course very soon "

Ishara Randil
CEO | Flywing Tours (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka

" It's very worth course for a business person or website owners, Mr Ishara was our teacher and he has great knowledge and method of teaching. He explains things in a very flexible manner, even if you have a very basic level knowledge about IT or Marketing, still you can follow the course. After following the course, I found lots of incorrect techniques which I have used in my own website and I was able to fix them by myself.

SEO is an important factor, if you are in the tourism industry. I can already see some improvement in ranking and it also increased the number of inquiries as well. I recommend him as a person who knows his subject well. I wish him all the very best and success "

# Certified Trainer with more than three years (3+) experience training Individuals, Groups & Staff

# More than six years industrial experience and a Google Certified Individual

# Online training facility with flexible hours (Can Schedule between 4am To 8pm)

# Fully flexibility on your requirements

# Conducting trainings from Sinhala or English language

# Assisting finding jobs in the industry

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Understanding how search engines work
-- What is SEO?
Keyword Phrases: The Cornerstone of an SEO Program
-- Introducing keyword phrases
-- The keyword research process
-- Performing keyword research
-- Winnowing out ineffective keyword phrases
-- Performing additional keyword research
-- Determining competitiveness of keyword phrases
-- Finding keyword gems
Creating a Search-Friendly Site Architecture
-- What site architecture means to SEO
-- Brainstorming main categories and subcategories for the web site
-- Creating a keyword phrase-to-page map
-- Using keywords in domain names and URLs
SEO in HTML Tags
-- SEO in HTML tags
-- Title tags
-- Meta descriptions
-- Header tags
-- Anchor text
-- Alt tags
-- Writing effective title tags
-- Writing meta-description tags
Writing Effective Web Site Content
-- What good content is and why it's needed
-- The different types of content pages
-- Using keywords in existing content
-- Writing new content for users and search engines
-- Understanding content optimization
-- Optimizing for site structure
-- Recognizing different types of content
-- Optimizing textual page elements
-- Optimizing non-text components of a web page
-- Analyzing content quality
Content Optimization: Technical SEO
-- Interpreting the code behind web pages
-- Understanding how search engines index content
-- Working with canonical URLs and redirects
-- Working with server-side factors
-- Using Google Webmaster Tools
-- Using Bing Webmaster Tools
Link-Building Strategies
-- Understanding the importance of links
-- Building internal links
-- Building external links
-- Finding link-building opportunities
-- Executing a link-building strategy
Social Media Marketing and How It Works with SEO
-- Introducing social media marketing
-- Getting started with social media marketing
-- Participating in social media communities
Measuring Your Success
-- Why rankings are a poor measure of success
-- Determining conversions and setting up goals in Google Analytics
-- Measuring search engine traffic
-- Measuring success beyond the search engines
Overall SEO Strategy
-- Reviewing top techniques for SEO success
-- Additional resources
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Trainer - Ishara Shehan Silva

Online Marketing Consultant,
Certified Trainer (Google Business Products) and IT Specialist
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